This project aims to recreate key de Havilland aircraft for the flight simulator, X-Plane, to the highest possible standard.

Guy Montagu-Pollock spent twenty years in the motor industry at BMW and McLaren. He was responsible for technical documentation and designed a web-based, language-free information system for the McLaren F1 and Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren. While working in the new McLaren Technology Centre by Foster+Partners, he became passionate about the affect of light and weather on architecture. He is now a freelance architectural photographer with Arcaid.

Sir Giles Montagu-Pollock, Bt. joined the de Havilland Technical School in 1946. He and his contemporaries witnessed the end of the piston-engined era and the dawn of the jet age. He was at Airspeed from 1949-1950, DH Engines from 1952-1956, before leaving DH to join Bristol Aero Engines (1956-61).

Thanks & Credits

BAE SYSTEMS Archive for permission to use
photographs on this web-site.

Sandy Barbour for the plugin: PilotView.

British Airways Archive for access to BOAC
flying manuals and photographs.

Cold War Jets Collection for access to XS-235.

de Havilland Heritage Centre for existing, and
access to a number of fascinating DH aircraft.

Bob Hood
at the Museum of Flight for
photographs of XA-NAR, an Operations Manual
and other technical information.

Peter Duffey for his valued correspondence and
recollections after flying Comets with BOAC.

Duxford Aviation Society
for access to

Austin Meyer for X-Plane itself.

Martin Painter whose book on the Comet has
become dog-eared through constant use and
endless referral.

David Plunkett for the Rolls-Royce Avon engine plug-in.

Mike Pyment, for his friendship and access to
XV-814, a real live Comet 4 cockpit in his garden

Ben Supnik, for technical correspondence on
object files and animation.

UK X-Plane Development Team for alpha
testing, beta testing, and endless jolly banter.

Michael Wilson, who generously cancelled his
own Comet project, and who has since provided
continued encouragement for this one.
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