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Guy Montagu-Pollock

DH, A History of de Havilland.
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Jane's All The World's Aircraft, 1958-1959.

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Feedback, Control and Computing Before Cybernetics
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Flight Testing to Win
Tony Blackman
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A History of Control Engineering
Stuart Bennett
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ISBN 0863410472 (1800-1930)
ISBN 0863412998 (1930-1955)

de Havilland Group original publications:
Comet Passenger Liner, Series 1,
Comet Passenger Liner, Series 2,
Comet 1 & 1A Pilot's Notes,
Comet C2 Pilots Notes,
Comet 4 Flying Manual,
Comet 4 Crew's Manual,
Comet 4 Operating Data
(fuel consumption/climb tables),
Comet 4C Flying Manual,
Comet 4C Operations Manual, Technical Volume
(2 copies, mod. Dan Air, mod. MEA),
Comet 4C Systems and Design,
Goblin Engine,
Ghost Engine,
de Havilland Gazettes,
(complete set) 1937-1961.

RAF publications:
Comet 4 Pilot's Notes,
Comet C.4C Pilot's Notes,
Comet C.4C Operating Data,
Comet C.4C Flight Reference Cards.

British Airways publications:
Comet 4 Flying Manual (BOAC),
Comet 4B Flying Manual (BEA).

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